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Leaders would be wise to take Jim up on his challenge and view their duties in a new, different, and more effective way. Your teams and your relationships will be better for it.

K. Paletta, Police Chief (ret.)

Surprising and not at all what I expected. Uhl enlightens the reader on how the word nice is not so nice at all. Uhl knows what it takes to build teams that are cohesive and aligned. I used to think leadership books were only for CEO’s, managers, or business owners. After reading Stop Being Nice, I realize leadership is for everyone and it must show up in everything we do.

Karla Olguin, Small Business Owner

Jim made connections and provided concrete, visual examples that confronted me with one powerful question – Am I contributing to the problem of workplace dissatisfaction?

Miriam Torres, Teacher of the Year – CA. Assoc. For Bilingual Education (2015)

This book is a call to action for leaders to finally use their position to move and guide their teams from being nice, to the top performance that only kindness can bring.

Jason Herring, Educator

Jim’s use of case studies to illustrate and support the importance of building and maintaining effective teams was superbly done.

R. Smith, Retired Police Administrator & Criminal Justice Professor

The whole idea of getting rid of niceness and turning toward kindness has changed the way I think about creating and maintaining a healthy team.

Gary Keith, Lead Pastor (ret.) & Pastoral Coach

A roadmap of suggestions and activities to get team dynamics moving in a positive direction.

Scot Smithee, Police Chief (ret.)

Stop Being Nice is a candid and genuine conversation. Jim is direct and sugarcoats nothing when it comes to describing the many challenges leaders face when it comes to employee engagement and performance.

Lina Lucero, Director of Sales

Many leadership books tell you what not to do, providing a sterile and unrealistic checklist of don’t do this and don’t do that. Instead, Uhl offers a positive and authentically human approach that can be applied everywhere. This book will save your organization’s culture and re-engage your teams.

Devin McClure, Investigator & Educator

The most valuable facet of this book is Uhl’s willingness to approach a topic that is rarely addressed, yet one that desperately needs to be understood and applied.

Amanda McClure, Project Lead

Jim Uhl Holding book: Stop Being Nice

Stop Being Nice

Hardcover book. A Call For Leaders To Build Teams That Are Cohesive, Courages, and Kind.


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